CLAS OHLSON – Store visit

Clas Ohlson’s 200 physical stores are spread across six countries and received a total of 76 million visitors last year, contributing a large majority of the brand’s 7.6billion SEK in sales.

Armed with the insight that many of Clas Ohlson in-store customers research online and on mobile before making a purchase, Clas Ohlson wanted to find a way to quantify and optimise this behaviour. To do this, Tre Kronor Media began measuring store visits through AdWords in Sept 2016. Businesses that rely on visits to physical locations - like hotels, auto dealerships, and retail stores - can use AdWords store visits to help see which search keywords and campaigns drive the most store traffic. This helps advertisers more effectively measure their return on investment (ROI), so they can make informed decisions about ad creative, budgets, bids, and overall marketing strategy.

Tre Kronor quickly integrated store visits data with their search campaigns, and began to optimise. Clas Ohlson immediately saw large numbers of people visiting stores, especially as a result of mobile searches. Using their average in-store conversion rate, Clas Ohlson could see that for every online conversion coming from mobile, they received an additional 36 transactions in store. By applying their in-store average order value to these additional transactions, Clas Ohlson saw that their search campaigns drove 5x the value they’d observed when only measuring online conversions. Clas Ohlson plans to roll out this approach to all markets where they have store visits data available and use the ndings to further drive their marketing optimisation.