SAS Ibiza

SAS launched a campaign during March 2017 for their Spanish destinations Barcelona, Mallorca and Alicante. The campaign did not include SAS new direct flight to Ibiza. Tre Kronor Media saw an opportunity and thought it was a good idea to market the new direct flight to Ibiza, but not in the same way as the other Spanish destinations. Tre Kronor Media chose to direct the marketing to the target audience.

There is no better place to reach Ibiza’s target audience than on a big DOOH screen above Stureplan in Stockholm. Tre Kronor Media made sure that the views were timed against times when Ibiza’s target audience was most frequent at Stureplan. In addition to meet the target group at the right time in the right place, SAS and Tre Kronor Media also flirted with the target group to get more spread through social media. With the festive theme “Do you like to party? Travelers go to Ibiza” the word spread through the target audience on their social media channels and the campaign exceeded everyone’s expectations.